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Churned Customer Analysis
Next, take a look at churned customers. Set up a cancellation capture survey to understand why subscribers are leaving if you're existing survey data doesn't deliver the insights you need.

Depending on the frequency of response, these reasons for churn could be addressed prior to subscribing or in the ‘onboarding’ process through an email flow.

Analyze points of churn to understand at what point a subscriber is most likely to churn. Perhaps it’s after one order, 30 days, etc.

By understanding the point of most likely churn, you can proactively address that by reaching out to the customer a few days prior, or by giving them an incentive to move past that point (free gift, expedited shipping, additional discount, etc).

We Won't Forget About One-Time Purchasers
On the other side of the business, one time purchasers can be treated as potential subscribers.

Think of ways you can use the momentum from the initial purchase to move a one-time customer into a subscriber.

For example, a very simple post-purchase quiz could be used to recommend a product but also to establish a potential reorder sequence. One primary question could be toward consumption - i.e. how often do you eat/use/consume ‘x’?

The answer to this question could inform a personalized reorder sequence - the reorder reminder email could be sent "2 days + shipping time" before they run out.

As part of this flow, you could offer free expedited shipping to make sure the purchaser receives their next order prior to falling back on their previous habit.

Subscription products are quite popular and can help reduce the need of always acquiring new customers.